Valuing the commitment
of employees

Our expertise

Nexenture is a start-up specializing in collaboration for companies.

Its raison d'être is to value the commitment of all employees to the service of the company, through simple, useful and used digital solutions. Valuing the commitment is to highlight and distinguish the employees engaged; It is also transforming this commitment into value for the company.

Through its prestigious references (Sisley, Babolat, Panzani, Condat, Groupe Rocher, Eram Group, Crédit Agricole ...). In a few years, Nexenture became a strategic partner of the ETIs in their digital transformation.

Its teams work closely with the Management Committees to focus projects on value creation, in line with the company's project.

Our team

Our solutions

Nexenture's collaborative solutions address key business challenges: boosting innovation, accelerating business, increasing productivity and welding teams. They are extremely simple, used in high doses, and with very high added value.

Our difference lies in the technological and organizational approach of our offerings, which ensures the success of our client projects. Nexenture accompanies you throughout your project: defining real objectives, finding performance levers, understanding why and how users will join, identifying key success factors, securing IT aspects, deploying with panache, monitoring KPIs and Measure the ROI.

The innovation day

in your company

Pour que chaque collaborateur devienne le premier Ambassadeur de votre entreprise.

Tous vendeurs, tous recruteurs, tous influenceurs, tous acteurs

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